Wonderful Tails: Foxi

Controls: Keys to move the fox. Mouse to navigate menu.

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Foxi is an HTML5 game created by Chris Sunshine Smith for Sunshine Online Television's website. The game was an on and off project during 2015. Originally planned to be a part of bigger project but, eventually taken out of it and made into its own game.

The novel concept of the game is that is looks like an old pc game. The game features a single 16 color palette similar to VGA era video cards. The interface, graphics and sounds were an attempt to mock the style of early 90's GDI based games for Windows 3.1/9x!

There are six main stages, followed by unlockable challenges when you finish that. Oh and as an easter egg, you can 'close' the game window and go to a fake desktop, complete with working applications!

If you have suggestions, please use the contact link on the navigation bar.

Background Information

Foxi stars our Vulpes vulpes hero simply known as “Fox” who travels far from his woodsy home to gather food for his forest friends to have a picnic! Little did the fox know that his journey would take him so far.

Find your way through 30 boards across 6 stages with additional stages to unlock afterwards. You are free to explore or you can challenge yourself to finish a stage quickly and accurately. Each stage presents new elements to the game which require some experimenting to understand. Foxi saves automatically every time you finish playing a stage. Just remember not to clear your web files for SunshineOnline.tv!

Beat the game, beat your times and make the grade! Then, submit your standing to be considered a Top Fox. Your Top Fox account is generated through your browser so as long as you play through the same browser, at this very website, you are linked to your Top Fox standings. You can change your display name and icon as you please as you improve your score. You can unlock additional icons by meeting conditions stated in-game.

Presented in mock-PC environment that harkens back to classic computing, enjoy the world of Foxi in an astounding 16 colors! All of this can be found in 480x360 pixel gameplay area. If you are playing on high resolution monitor (1440x900 16:10, 1366x768 16:9, 1400x1050 4:3 or higher) the game will automatically scale to 2x. Otherwise, the game is presented in native resolution of 640x360. It is determined by your browser window so, high resolution players can resize their window and refresh to change resolution.

The colors you will find in Foxi (meta-desktop breaks this rule): There are more percieved colors in the game but, this is due to a dithering art tactic to trick your eyes. For example, the fox on top is red/yellow pixels interweaved to look like orange. This is how artists worked around palette limitations of the time.

Technical Information

Foxi has been tested with Internet Explorer 11, Firefox v.36, and Chrome v.41. Make sure your browser is up to date! Please note: Foxi was built for desktop, laptop and keyboard equipped tablets originaly but, added touch support later. A native version for mobile is not planned but, this could change.

Foxi does not collect or share any personal information. However, Top Fox names and scores submitted are subject to moderation. First time offenders will be warned, repeat offenders may lose submission privleges. If you see something inappropiate, contact us.

Foxi News and Updates

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2015 Chris "Sunshine" Smith